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Isi Rot Bilong God Bilong Kisim Bek Manmeri Long Pe Bilong Sin

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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Free MP3 sermons, Bible teaching, and other audio messages on LCM

Free MP3 sermons, Bible teaching, and other audio messages on LCM

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God's Simple Plan of Salvation in Pidgin, New Guinean
(How to Be Born Again by Faith in Jesus Christ and His Finished Work)

(The Gospel of Jesus Christ
in Many Different Languages)

Thanks to Robert Ford Porter, Litt.D., Chairman, Lifegate, Inc., Monrovia, for permission to use these wonderful tracts here on LCM.

This page provides the tract in Afrikaans. Check the links at the top of this page to find the tract in other languages. I plan to add other languages soon. In the meantime, if your native language is not found, please click here to go to Lifegate's website that has more languages available.

First, Who is Jesus, and What Did He Do?

Dear Precious Visitor,

As a pastor, minister of the gospel, and missionary, I cannot stress the following enough. It is absolutely imperative that each person know exactly who Jesus is and what He has done before they put their faith in Him. The Bible warns that there is a false Gospel that promotes another 'Jesus.' (Galatians 1:6-9 and 12 Corinthians 11:4) That gospel and Jesus can do nothing for you but deceive you. The true Jesus that provides true salvation is identified as follows.

Briefly and simply stated, Jesus is God the Creator who clothed Himself in human flesh. (John 1:1-3, 14.) He is also the 'Lord' of Abraham (John 5:18, 8:56, and 10:30-33) who gave the Law to Moses (Exodus 3:14, John 8:58) in the Old Testament. He was also resurrected bodily on the third day according to the Scriptures. (Luke 24:36-43, John 20:26-29, and 1 Corinthians 15:3-4) This is the Jesus in whom our trust must be placed. (Romans 10:9-10)

You may click here to learn more in detail about who Jesus was and is, and what He did and is doing.

Isi Rot Bilong God Bilong Kisim Bek Manmeri Long Pe Bilong Sin

Pren Bilong Mi:Mi laik askim yu long dispela wanpela, nambawan askim, em i winim olgeta arapela askim bilong laip. Amamas bilong yu, o hevi bilong yu oltaim oltaim, bai I stap long bekim bilong yu nau. Askim em I olsem:God i bin kisim bek yu o nogat? Dispela askim i no askim long ol gutpela pasin bilong yu, o sapos yu memba bilong sios, nogat. Askim, em i olsem:God i kisim bek yu pinis o nogat? Yu save tru tru olsem taim yu dai, bai yu go long heven o nogat?

God i tok: sapos yu laik i go long heven, yu mas kamap nupela gen [olsem pikinini]. Long Jon 3:7, Jisas i bin tokim Nikodimas olsem,“ . . . Yu mas kamap nupela gen[olsem pikinini].”

Long Baibel, God i givim yumi rot bilongkamap nupela gen, o, rot bilong kisim bek manmeri. Dispela rot bilong God i isi. God inapkisim bekyu tude. Olsem wanem?

Pren bilong mi, pastaim, yu mas luksave olsem,Yu sinman tru. Long wanem, Baibel I tok olsem,“ . . . olgetamanmerii bin mekim sin naoli kamap sot longmak bilongglori bilong God”(Rom 3:23).

Dispela pasin bilong mekimsin i kotim yu pinis na yu mas i dai. Baibel i tok gen olsem,“ . . . pe bilong sin em i dai . . . ”(Rom 6:23).Dispela dai bai i kisim sinman i go long ples hel (hul paia), na em bai i stap longwe long God inap oltaim oltaim.

Baibel i tok gen olsem,“ . . . God i makim wanpela taim bilong ol man i mas i dai. Na bihain long dispela i gat kot”(Hibru 9:27).

Tasol Papa God i laikim yu tumasna Em I givim dispela, wanpela Pikinini tasol bilong Em, Jisas, bilong karim sin bilong yu na I dai long ples bilong yu(long diwai kros). Tok bilong Em yet i tok,“ . . . dispela Man i no bin save long sin,God i bin mekim Emistap sinman tru bilonghelpimyumi. Olsem na yumi ken kamap stretpela pasin bilong God insait long Kraist”(2 Korin 5:21).

Jisas i bin kapsaitim blut bilong Em na Em i dai. Baibel i tok,“Blut i save givim laip long olgeta man . . . ”(Wok Pris 17:11).

“ . . . Na sapos blut i no kapsait, i no gat rot bilong tekewesin(Hibru 9:22).

“Tasol God i soim Em i laikim yumi tru olsem, taim yumi stap sinman yet,Kraist i bin i dai bilong kisim bek yumi(Rom. 5:8).

God i tok olsem Em i bin putim ol sin bilong yu na ol sin bilong mi antap long Jisas na Em (Jisas) i bin dai long ples bilong yu na mi bilong kisim bek yumi. Em i bin kamap sinman tru bilong kisim ples bilong yumi long diwai kros. Dispela em i tru. God i no inap giaman. Dispela samting God i mekim bilong yumi, yumi no inap tru i save long en, tasol i tru Em i mekim.

Pren bilong mi, God“ . . . Em i givim strongpela tok long olgeta man long olgeta hap graun olsem, ol i mas tanim bel”(Aposel 17:30).

Dispela pasin bilong tanim bel em i olsem pasin bilong senisim tingting. Yumi mas I wanbel wantaim God olsem yumi wanwan man em i sinman. Tu, yumi mas wanbel wantaim God olsem Jisas i bin mekim wok antap long diwai kros bilong kisim bek yumi.

Long Aposel 16:30-31, man bilong lukautim kalabus long Filipai i bin askim Pol na Silas,“ . . . Tupela bikpela man, mi mas mekim wanem samtingnabaiGod i kisim bek mi? Na tupela i tok,Yumas bilip long Bikpela Jisas Kraist na bai God i kisim bek yu . . . ”

Bilip tasol long Em olsem man husat i bin kisim sin bilong yu, na i dai long ples bilong yu. Bilip olsem ol i bin planim Em long matmat na God i bin kirapim bek Em.

Dispela kirap bek bilong Jisas long matmat i strongpela mak tru bilong strongim bilip bilong ol manmeri husat i bilip long Em. Na ol i ken save olsem bai ol i kisim laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim, sapos ol i bilip long Em olsem Em wanpela tasol i Man bilong kisim bek ol.


“Tasol olgeta man i kisim Em, Em i givim namba long ol, bai ol i ken kamap ol pikinini man bilong God. Yes long ol man i bilip long nem bilong Em”(Jon 1:12).

Baibel i tok,“Long wanem husat i singaut long nem bilong Bikpela, bai God i kisim bek em”(Rom 10:13).

Dispela hap tok “husat” i karamapim yu, na dispela hap tok, “bai i kisim bek,” em i no tok ‘ating’ o, ‘em inap’, nogat. Dispela hap tok i tok stret olsem God bai i kisim bek yu.

Tru tumas, yu yet i save olsem yu sinman. Nau tasol, long hap yu stap long en, yu ken senisim tingting bilong yu [tanim bel] na litimapim bel bilong yu i go long God long prea.

Long Luk 18:13, dispela sinman i bin prea olsem,“ . . . God,Yumas sori long mi, mi wanpela sinman.”Yu ken prea wankain olsem:

“O, God, mi save olsem mi sinman. Nau mi bilip olsem Jisas i bin kisim ples bilong mi long diwai kros. Mi bilip tu olsem blut bilong Em i bin kapsait bilong mi; na dai, na matmat, na kirap bek bilong Em tu, Em i bin mekim bilong helpim mi. Olsem na nau mi kisim Em olsem Man bilong kisim bek mi. Tenkyu long lusim olgeta sin bilong mi, na givim mi dispela presen, em i laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim, long wanem yu God bilong marimari tru. Amen.

Nau tasol yu mas bilipim tok bilong God na kisim dispela laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim. Bilip na bai God i kisim bek yu. I nogat wanpela sios, o arapela lain, o ol gutpela wok yu wokim inap kisim bek yu.Tingim, God tasol i save kisim bek man. Em tasol!

Dispela rot bilong God bilong kisim bek manmeri long pe bilong sin i olsem: Yu sinman (meri). Olsem na sapos yu no bilip long Jisas, Husat i bin dai long diwai kros bilong kisim ples bilong yu, bihain long dai bilong yu, bai yu go long hel (hul paia) na stap oltaim oltaim. Tasol sapos yu bilip long Jisas, Em i bin dai, na ol i planim Em, na Husat i bin kirap bek long matmat bilong kisim bek yu, bai God i lusim ol sin bilong yu na bai Em I givim presen nating long yu;Em laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim, long bilip bilong yu tasol.

Ating bai yu tok, “Tru tumas, dispela em I isi tumas.” Yes, em i isi! Na em i tok tru bilong Baibel. Em i we (rot) bilong God bilong kisim bek manmeri.Pren bilong mi, yu mas bilip long Jisas na kisim Em olsem Em wanpela tasol inap long kisim bek yu.

Sapos dispela rot bilong God i no klia tumas, mi laik bai yu ritim gen dispela liklik hap pepa. Yu noken malolo long ritim dispela liklik hap pepa inap long taim dispela toktok I klia long yu. Yu mas save olsem, tewel (soul) bilong yu i dia tumas na em i winim ol arapela samting bilong dispela graun.

Baibel i tok,“ . . . sapos wanpela man I kisim olgeta samting bilong dispela graun na lusim tewel bilong em yet, bai dispela i helpim em olsem wanem?”(Mak 8:36).

Yu mas save tru olsem God i kisim bek yu pinis. Sapos tewel (soul) bilong yu i lus olgeta,bai yu i no inap i go long heven. Olgeta samting yu wok hat long en bai i lus wantaim tu. Mi askim yu long bel bilong mi tru,Larim God i kisim bek yu nau tasol.

Pawa bilong God yet bai i kisim bek yu, na lukautim yu, na mekim yu i stap strongpela Kristen. Long wanem Baibel i tok,

“ . . . I no gat wanpela traim i bin kamap long yupela, na dispela i narakain long ol traim i save kamap longolgeta man. Nogat. Tasol Godistap Man yu inap bilip long Em.NaEm i no larim wanpela traim i kamap long yupela inap long winim strong bilong yupela. Tasol baiEmi wokim rot, baiyupela i kenranawe long dispela traim, bai yupela inap sanap strong longen(1 Korin 10:13).

Yu noken bilip long laik bilong yu yet, long wanem ol laik bilong man i save senis klostu klostu. Bilip bilong yu i mas sanap long ol promis bilong God. Ol promis bilong God i no save senis. Bihain long taim God I kisim bek yu i gattripela samtingyu mas wokim olgeta de bilong kamap strong long laip bilong yu wantaim God.Beten– yu toktok long God.Ritim Baibelbilong yu – God I toktok long yu.Telimautim Gutnius– yu tokim ol arapela long God.

Bilong soim bilip bilong yu long ol arapela, na soim olsem yu bihainim tok bilong Bikpela Jisas Krais,yu mas kisim baptais. Kwiktaim tru, yu mas go lotu long sios we ol brata na susa i bilip tru na bihainim tok bilong God.“Olsem na yu no ken sem long testimony bilong Bikpela bilong yumi . . . ”(2 Tim. 1:8).

Baibel i tok,“Olsem na wanem man i autimnem bilongMi long ai bilong ol manmeri, bai Mi tu autimnem bilongen long ai bilong Papa bilong Mi i stap long heven.”(Matyu 10:32).

Sampela hap tok long Baibel bilong helpim yu

Jon 3:16, 1 Pita 2:24, Aisaia 53:6, Jems 1:15, Rom 10:9-10, Efesas 2:8-9, Gutpela Sindaun 27:1, 1 Korin 15:3-4, Jon 10:27-30, 1 Jon 5:13,

Sapos yu bin tanim bel long taim yu ritim dispela Gutnius pas, toksave long mipela, bai mipela tu i amamas wantaim yu.

Copyright: Robert Ford Porter, 1991

Dear Beloved of God,

If you have read, understood, believed, and followed the instructions given above, congratulations. Upon the Authority of the Word of God, you should have the assurance that you have been born again!

Though it is by no means necessary, the Pastor of Windward Bible Church (also the webmaster of LCM) would be encouraged to hear that you have been saved by grace through face in Jesus Christ and His finished work. Please drop him a short e-mail the tell him so (in English only as I cannot understand any others). I assure you. Your e·mail address will not be placed on any mailing list or shared with others, unless you specifically request it.

If you live in a Muslim or Communist country, or any other place that may be hostile to the Good News of Jesus Christ and His finished work, I fully understand that you may not want to have someone communicating back to you with e-mails that could possibly be intercepted by others. Thus, I will not send you any e·mails or anything else if you state that.

Yet, it is important that you tell someone about your new faith in Christ. You should not be ashamed of who Jesus is to you now. (Psalm 107:1-2, Luke 9:26, Romans 1:16) If you tell me, I will endeavor to pray for you and have those in our local assembly of Windward Bible Church to also pray for you. The information on how to contact me is available on my Contact Us page.

As a new member of God's personal family, you should seek out a good church and fellow believers with whom to fellowship. You should also take the first step in following the Lord as a disciple, which is identifying yourself as a believer that has been born again by the spirit of God. That step is simply following the Lord in believers baptism by immersion in water that symbolizes your death to your old way of life, and your spiritual rebirth and walking in the new life God has given you. (Romans 6:1-3)

If you live in an area where there is no church that faithfully teaches the Bible, I suggest that you attend our services virtually by listening to our messages in MP3 format posted here on LCM. Click here to go to that page. We simply strive to explain the Scripture verse by verse so that those that listen can grow and be transformed by the miraculous teaching of God's word.

May the Lord help and encourage you as you now walk with Him.

Looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II
Pastor of Windward Bible Church
and The Webmaster of LCM
December 15, 2004

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