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Tourist Information for Carriacou, Grenada

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Learn more about Carriacou, Grenada, including the current
time and weather


Liming by the sea

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a virtual tour!


Tourist Information
About Carriacou, Grenada

Sunny beaches on Carriacou


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Tourist Information
About Carriacou, Grenada
"Next To Heaven"

General Location of Carriacou Provided by Expedia

Click the above image for info provided by Expedia©®
(Links to local services and agencies on
 Carriacou are further down the page)

I would like to keep this lovely place a secret, but ...

I have selfish reasons for desiring that our island remains a beautiful place that few will ever discover. On the other hand I believe that tourism benefits the people by increasing the economy. Thus, we would like to encourage good people to visit Carriacou, Grenada.

Carriacou, Grenada has Fully recovered and is Beautiful and ready to receive tourist after Hits from Hurricanes Ivan (2004) and Emily (2005)

(Updated January 10, 2008)

In July 2005, Carriacou was hit by Hurricane Emily, some 11 months after being hit by Ivan in 2004. (Read on below for more information about these events.) Much more damage was done to Carriacou by Emily, but the people worked hard and steady to restore Carriacou to it beautiful status and ready to receive tourist from all over the world.

Two and one half years years later, we are happy to report that Carriacou has remained hurricane free. It is hard now to find any evidence of two hurricane strikes over two years ago. It is getting more beautiful each year, with new houses and business constantly being added to this wonderful island family. We are seeing more tourists from all over the world each year.

High speed DSL internet service is available through Cable & Wireless, Grenada. Cell Phone service is available well through out the island through Cable and Wireless, Grenada and Digicel Grenada Limited. Both services use GSM cell technology and operate on 850 MHz and 900 MHz respectively. Both also offer limited cell phone based web access.

More roads have been paved or repaved and traveling throughout the island is much better and enjoyable than ever. There are also more new taxis and buses available for travel everywhere, and some are even air-conditioned.

It is also rumored that a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise is going to be built and open for business in Hillsborough soon! This will be Carriacou first American fast food restaurant. I am looking forward to its opening.

The beaches are as beautiful and warm as ever. Come on down for a visit, but be prepared to leave leave a part of your heart behind after your visit.

All the best as we continue to look upward.

Walter Robinson II
Webmaster of LCM
January 10, 2008 

Links to various sections that will direct you to services that may be of interest to those desiring to visit Carriacou.


Carriacou Resorts or Hotel & Restaurant Combinations

Carriacou Resorts or Hotels & Resaurant Combinations

Restaurants on Carriacou

Restaurants on Carriacou

Guest Houses and
Villas on Carriacou

Carriacou Villas and Guest Houses

Diving Services for Carriacou

Diving Services for Carriacou

Services Providing Travel to and From Carriacou

Services Providing Travel to and From Carriacou

Places to Stay On the Mainland of Grenada in Transit to and from Carriacou

Places to Stay On the Mainland of Grenada in Transit to and from Carriacou

Sometimes visitors may find it necessary to stay overnight on the mainland of Grenada when traveling to and from Carriacou. We offer the following suggestions for those with that need.

NOTE: There are many other facilities on the mainland of Grenada. I have mentioned the following simply because we have used them in the past in various ways and have gotten good service.

Carriacou Tours and Local Transportation Services
(Area Code for all telephone numbers is 473)

Carriacou Land Taxies and Tours  Carriacou Water Taxies and Tours

  • Carriacou & Petite Martinique Water Taxi Association, Kim Bethel, Telephone 443-7787, Cell: 404-0279

  • Carriacou Taxi Owners & Drivers Association
    Lincoln "Linky" Bedeau - Telephone 443-7566, Cell: 406-2457 or VHF Channel 16

  • Cee Pee's Taxi Service, Cyprian Samuel, 443-6790, Cell: 403-1057

  • Scooby Tours, Thomas Alexander, Water Taxi and Water Sports including, surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling. etc. Telephone 443-6622, Cell 405-2448. E·mail

  • Snagg's Water Taxi, Hillsborough, Telephone (473) 443-8293, E·mail

Carriacou Vehicle Rental Services
(Area Code for all telephone numbers is 473)

Carriacou Vehicle Rental Services

  • Ade's Dream Vehicle Rentals, Hillsborough, Telephone 443-7317

  • Barba's Vehicle Rentals, L' Esterre, Telephone 443-7454

  • Martin & Wayne's Vehicle Rentals, Hillsborough, Telephone 443-7204

  • Quality Jeeps Vehicle Rentals, L' Esterre, Telephone 443-8307

  • Sunkey's Vehicle Rentals, Hillsborough, Telephone 443-8382

Government Links for Carriacou

Government Links for Carriacou

Other Informative Websites With Info Concerning Carriacou

Other Informative Websites With Info Concerning Carriacou

Repair Services On Carriacou
(Area Code for all telephone numbers is 473)

Carriacou Specialized Services

  • Dominique Weber Welding Shop, Floating shop is located at Tyrell Bay, Carriacou. Equipped to weld various metals, including aluminum and stainless steel. TIG and MIG equipped. Repair sales, etc.  VHF Ch16 (Sea Rose). Telephone: 407-1151

  • Emmons' Garage, Hillsborough, Carriacou. Maxwell Emmons, Specialist in Mechanical Repairs. Telephone: 443-8077

  • In Stitches, Andy or Petra. Sail loft and canvas workshop that also designs and builds sun protection devices such as dodgers, biminis, and sail covers. Telephone: 443-8878, Cell: 406-4117, VHF: 16

  • Kennis Refrigeration Technician, Kennis Andrews, Grand Bay, Carriacou. Telephone: 443-7158, Cell: 406-8852

  • Tool Meister Machine shop, Hermitage Village, Carriacou. Telephone: 443-8178

  • Tyrrel Bay Yacht Haul Out, Owner is Jerry Stewart, manager is Roy Hopper. Has a 50 ton hoist (18 ft. beam, 8 ft. draft) and an environmentally friendly wash-down catchment that prevents toxic paints from returning to the sea. Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou. Telephone: 443-6940, E·mail, VHF: 16  

  • Wilson Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Hezron Wilson, Carriacou. Telephone: 443-6212 , Cell: 403-2085

Health Care Services Available on Carriacou
(Area Code for all telephone numbers is 473)

Health Care Services Available on Carriacou

Institutions of Higher Learning on Carriacou

Institutions of Higher Learning on Carriacou

Miscellaneous Info Concerning Carriacou

Miscellaneous info concerning Carriacou


Lastly, if you do visit Carriacou, and would like to attend worship services while here, you are invited to join us at Windward Bible Church.

Windward Bible Church, Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies

Schedule For Services And Other Activities of Windward Bible Church, Windward Carriacou

Sunday School

10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Service 11:00 AM
Sunday Night Prayer and Bible Study 6:00 PM
Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study 7:00 PM
Friday Ladies' Bible Study 6:00 PM

Men's Prayer and Bible Study
   (Every other Friday)

7:00 PM

You may contact the Webmaster for information on how to get to our meeting place. To see our meeting place's general location you can view our Interactive Map to Carriacou. (Windward Bible Church is located in the upper right corner.)

“Note: Please report any broken links to the Webmaster. You may also suggest other appropriate links via e·mail  that point to other sites that provide tourist information about Carriacou.”

Links For Those That Want To Learn And See More About Carriacou Up Close And Personal

Disclaimers and how to get information about your business on Carriacou posted here

We are not, and will not act as a booking agency in anyway. We are not being paid, nor are we receiving remuneration by any businesses to promote their facilities. We merely present the information for the benefit of those who wish to visit the island and would like to know what is available.

The inclusions of links does not necessarily represent our endorsement of any service or facility. They are supplied merely for information to those who would like to visit the island of Carriacou, Grenada.

If you have a business on Carriacou that has a website, and it would be appropriate to be mentioned here on LCM, please e·mail the Webmaster. LCM will not post links to websites for businesses that specifically promote alcoholic beverages (such as bars), gambling, etc.

Lastly: If you discover any links that have changed or are broken, please e·mail the Webmaster. Thanks for your help in keeping us current.


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