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WBC Meeting Place in Windward

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In this section we provide information about our 'new' facilities that we acquired in July of 2000.

The photos can be deceptive when it comes to depicting size. The portion of the building that we now rent is actually quite adequate for our current attendance. It is 49' deep (from street to shore) and 21' wide, which is a 40% increase in size over our previous building.

In addition to more space and a more 'user-friendly' layout, there are other definite advantages to this new location. One is the natural air-conditioning. Let me explain. About five feet behind the rear wall (directly behind the pulpit) the Caribbean laps graciously at the shore, and the trade-winds provide a nice comfortable and cool breeze that keeps the building fairly comfortable most of the time. The previous location did not have such this benefit.

Also, with the Caribbean being literally at our back door, we have a ready made baptistery that requires no filling, draining, and cleaning. This place also has a plywood substrata under the galvanized roofing material. This is both much cooler when the sun is high in the sky, and also much quieter when the rain comes down heavily during the rainy season (runs from June through November).

The size and layout of our new facilities also enabled us to set up one room to be used as a Sunday School classroom for the youth and special occasions. We have also set up a small office. Both rooms were needed very much.

One of the men, one lady, and several children in our congregation had worked with the Robinsons to help remove old floor tiles as we prepare to paint the floor.

We signed the rental agreement on July 5, 2000, and renovations began. I have erected the walls for the office and Sunday School room and installing the wiring to meet our needs. We will need to paint the facility inside and out, and have the wiring inspected and approved by a government representative in order to get our own power meter. We also had a phone installed, which was truly needed.

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wbc01.jpg (11051 bytes)

Western face of the building rented for WBC (We rent and occupy the left end of building)

wbc02.jpg (15204 bytes)

Eastern face of WBC (We occupy the right end of the building

wbc03.jpg (13580 bytes)

WBC's north-western corner
Click here to see a VR Movie of a service inside

wbc04.jpg (11473 bytes)

Interior of building before we rented it. It was a 'supermarket.' (As viewed from street to back looking east)

wbc09.jpg (10982 bytes)

Viewing from sea side looking west toward street

wbc10.jpg (10639 bytes)

Looking toward street from north east corner of area

wbc05.jpg (14394 bytes)

Removing old worn floor tiles in preparation for erecting walls. (My son Jeshua [in blue] and his friend, Franklin, working very hard!)

wbc07.jpg (13803 bytes)

Floor with tiles stripped off In preparation for erecting walls

wbc06.jpg (14336 bytes)

Enclosing Sunday School classroom and office

wbc08.jpg (10993 bytes)

Much still remains to be done, but we progressed enough to set up for services while renovations continue

wbc11.jpg (11465 bytes)

Room for Sunday School and special events (14 chairs set up)

wbc12.jpg (14689 bytes)

Entering the sanctuary area from hallway entrance off the street

wbc13.jpg (13670 bytes)

26 chairs and two pews set up for a minimum seating capacity of 38 to 40 in sanctuary

wbc14.jpg (9819 bytes)

Pulpit, overhead projector, and piano set up and ready to go

wbc15.jpg (17511 bytes)

First Service in the new location! (August 2, 2000)

Since moving in Windward Bible Church has been painted outside completely as well as the sanctuary inside.

(Click here and here more recent photos)
(Click here for a VR Movie)

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