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Ecumenism Goes Extraterrestrial
(Or -- Guess Who's Coming to Church)

Many excerpts on this page and subsequent
section of LCM were taken from my book;

Apollo's Revival
©Copyrighted 1997
®All Rights Reserved


As I stated at the top of this section of LCM, the topic of ETs and UFOs, I believe, must be considered seriously, and from a religious perspective. I say that because the phenomena has an inherently overriding religious or spiritual tone. Here, I provide statements from some notable religious organizations and individuals that have made public comments or offered their perspective on the topic.

Incredible as it may sound, The National Catholic Reporter for January 22, 1993, carried an article entitled, "Controversial Telescope Is Justified If Just A Single Alien Is Converted." This is what it actually said in part;

"Vatican Observatory officials have been reaching for the stars, even invoking the possible evangelization of extraterrestrial life . . . [They] denied the NASA connection, but not the goal of possibly baptizing extraterrestrials."98

Consequently, one could say Rome’s ecumenism is actually "galactic" in scope without exaggerating. Along this same line, another ecumenical Evangelical, Tony Campolo, is also thinking about extraterrestrials and religion. What he said could make for serious implications at some point in the future;

The Toronto Star, 9/14/96: If there is intelligent life on other planets, the first question evangelical theologian Tony Campolo would ask is: "What can you teach us about God?" "There’s a cosmic dimension to salvation. There’s a cosmic design," says Campolo, an author and preacher. "It just may be that the Earth is a place where the most important drama of the salvation story was acted out, but the salvation of God extends far beyond the limitations of our minds."

Indulging his own imagination, Campolo says he could envision a scenario where God—tired of the mess human beings had created in this world—would send beings from another planet to help people learn to love one another.99

Interestingly, on January 20, 1997, Mr. Campolo was one of the featured speakers at the special ecumenical religious event that now precedes each U.S. presidential inauguration. All present, including the president and vice-resident, seemed very moved by Mr. Campolo’s, shall I say, performance.

The topic of extraterrestrials requires another book to fully address it. However, the historical events of the last 100 years, and more then 20 years of in-depth and ongoing research dictates that I say the following in brief;

  1. So-called advanced "extraterrestrials" are in reality a false persona being used by Satan and his demonic angels. (2 Corinthians 11:14–15)

  2. Any open arrival by such will only be used to prepare the world for Satan’s predicted personal coming to Earth. (Revelation 12:9–13)

  3. Satan will then seize the awe of his coming as a "superior intelligence" to install his personally chosen and "anointed" liaison, one call "Christ," as the leader of the world. (Revelation 13:1–4)

  4. Satan may claim an earlier mass disappearance of weak people was carried out by a coming false "Christ." (Revelation 13:6) But it would actually have been the "catching away" predicted in 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18.

  5. This likely more than human leader will then rule through a one-world religious and economic system. (Revelation 13:7-8, 16–17)

  6. Satan will use another powerful being, who will use signs, miracles, and wonders to solidify the ecumenical movement into a world religion that will be used to deceive the vast majority of mankind into worshipping him, the world leader, and a demonically animated image. (2 Thessalonians 2:9 and Revelation 13:11–14) Once the world religion has served it purpose, it’s headquarters will be destroyed and all worship will be directed entirely to the world leader and Satan. (Revelation 13:15, 14:8–9, 17:5, 16–18)

  7. Any believers remaining on Earth during this time will suffer under the harshest inquisition and persecution to ever come upon humankind. Most will gain victory only through death. (Revelation 13:7, 16–17; 20:4)

  8. All the deceived will totally submit to Satan’s plan and join him in a final rebellion and futile assault against Jesus Christ who will be coming from heaven, or "outer-space." Satan will likely assert that this "Christ" is merely an evil extraterrestrial who is impersonating the biblical Jesus as a means of using religiously based fears to gain control over the humans of Earth. (Revelation 13:6, 16:13–14, and 19:19–21)


If you arrived at the footnotes by clicking on a link to them, please click your browser's (BACK) or (PREVIOUS) button to return to your previous place in the document.

98The National Catholic Reporter for 1/22/93, "Controversial Telescope Is Justified If Just A Single Alien Is Converted." Excerpt taken from the News Alert section of the August 1993 issue of "The Berean Call" (Bend, Oregon).

99Bend Oregon: As reproduced in the News Alert section of the November 1996 issue of "The Berean Call."

I strongly disagree with the perspectives offered by those sited above. I believe you will understand why I say this as you view the following pages.

Walter Robinson II
Webmaster of LCM

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