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ETs and UFOs; A Biblical Perspective

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ani-ufo2.gif (44102 bytes) A Biblical Perspective on the Topic of UFOs and ETs

Many excerpts on this page and subsequent
section of LCM were taken from my book;

The Final Empire
©Copyrighted 1994
®All Rights Reserved
Walter Robinson II

NOTE: I (i.e., The Webmaster of LCM) has a rather unique perspective on this topic for most Christian pastors, missionaries, preachers, and Bible teachers. I have extensive background experience with this subject matter before I became a believer in Jesus Christ, and since then. I also served as an official investigator with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) many years ago. (See NICAP at and the  J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, or CUFOS, at I have also interviewed well known people involved in this material from an Emmy Award winning TV producer to a prime minister of a country about this subject matter. To read more about my background check out About the Author of LCM and a page that describes my Spiritual Background.

It is not uncommon, and it is even often expected that Biblically based Christian ministries will have some kind of statement regarding the theory of evolution. But some may be surprised to find a Christian web site that ventures to discuss the topic of UFOs and ETs.

I am convinced that belief in natural extraterrestrial life and evolution are equally dependent upon each other, and also partners and key players in the deceptive end-time influence foretold by the Bible. Thus, I believe that addressing these topics from a Biblical perspective are essential and needed today for the benefit of Biblical Christians and everyone else as well.

At one time or another, all of the following have broached this enigmatic topic: The Family Channel, A & E, Sci-Fi, The Learning Channel (TLC), The Discovery Channel, Larry King, Unsolved Mysteries, Lifetime, Fox, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and many more.

Over the years various producers have created many block-busting Fictional movies that deal with this matter. ET, Star Wars, and Independence Day are just a few of the more better recognized. There are increasing numbers of producers that are also presenting "based upon true events" movies dealing with the same material. The television industries leading networks and channels listed above have also produced serious documentaries on the subject.

But what a number of Christians do not realize is this. A number of leading Christian spokesmen and authors have also made sweeping statements on these topics, and much of what has been said is seriously troubling to me. I am speaking as a believer, a ordained minister of the Word of God, and one who has personal experience and has conducted much personal research on the topic. Some of the positions offered by some notable Christian authors are as follows:

Many have stated that there is nothing to the any of the claims. They believe that all the people who have reported seeing or experiencing something dealing with these phenomenon are the result of:


Being mistaken in describing what they have seen

Suffered delusions as a result of hypnotic suggestion

Being mentally unstable

People seeking fame and fortune

Unknown natural phenomenon

Other explanations that are coming to mind


On the other hand, other Christian notables state or allude to the ideas that UFOs and ETs are, or could be:

Manifestations of angels, and their vehicles used to travel around the universe

God's planned method of producing a technological rapture when the time arrives

Natural beings from other worlds that have not fallen under the curse of sin, who have come to Earth to help us better understand God and his plan for mankind

My research demands that I disagree with the above suppositions.

To meet a real perceived need

From past conversations with many, and counseling some about this phenomenon over the last two decades, I have become gravely concerned that most pastors and Christian counselors remain mostly ignorant on this topic. I am also concerned that there are many people, believers and non-believers alike, who need the very thing that only Biblical Christians can offer, which is a Biblical perspective on every aspect of the phenomenon. It is my hope and goal that this section of LCM will serve to inform people and also equip believers to respond to the ever increasing intrusion this topic is making into the lives and adults children everywhere.

Over the years I have encountered people that have expressed a deep desire to properly understand this topic. Often times some of these have fallen under the true power behind the phenomenon, and in time their lives have become filled with fear and confusion as a result. This includes some that have at one time been professing fundamental believers. Too many have had their lives disrupted or even shattered. Simply speaking, many want it all to stop. For those willing to hear and heed the Christian Bible, there is help only prayer away.

I have also become alarmed over the increasing number of children that are becoming comfortable with the underlying worldly philosophy of this phenomenon. Many Biblical parents would openly tell their children about the fallacies of evolution; yet, they too may only shuffle their feet and look down when their children bring up this topic. Even worse, in ignorance about topic some parents may even venture to make a statement that would allow for belief in natural intelligent life on other planets. It seems that such are forgetting that such life on other planets would have to be a result of evolution, because the Bible teaches that our planet is the only one that has life on it.

Furthermore, too many parents flippantly downplay some children's insistence on having invisible playmates. Most often such is merely a child exercising a fertile imagination. But, there are some case where children are truly seeing sometime that parents cannot. A parent can tell what is actually happening only when they know how to inquire and discuss the matter with their children.

There is a very real, and very evil spiritual element active today, and the Bible teaches that it will only become more pervasive and influential until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. Unfortunately, any person, including children, can be vulnerable at times under certain conditions, including Christians and children in Christian homes. I believe the material in this section of LCM will help provide the information that is needed by many today to deal with the multifaceted aspects of the strange phenomenon.

I hope that visitors will click on the links in the heading of this page. They point to other pages that describe other events I experienced earlier in life that ultimately led to my deeper involvement in with the phenomenon. Other pages describe how my wonder about the possible existence in extraterrestrial life developed into...

Blind faith in their existence

Experience in occult world of psychic phenomenon

The frightening bondage that came with all the above

My true enlightenment and also the deliverance and break from the phenomenon through new birth by grace through simple faith in Jesus Christ

The unexpected turn my life took in regard to the phenomenon after I became a believer

As a visitor browses through this section of LCM, I believe each will come to understand my perspective, even though all will not likely agree with it.

Lastly, I am conducting an internet poll on the topic of belief in and experience with ETs and UFOs from a Christian perspective. I hope you will take the opportunity to help us develop this unique database. NOTE: The poll form has been fixed as of December 28, 2004.

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